First Time Meeting a Prospective Client? Here are Some Things You Should Know

Researchers from New York University found that it takes a stranger seven seconds to make that first impression.

For business people out there, that means your client might have decided whether they want to do business with you when you first enter the meeting room and give a handshake.

While your presentation, your products, your proposal, and a whole lot of other factors may influence the deal, most agree that the feeling of first impressions goes a long way.

First time meeting a prospective client

Considering this important cue, here are some tips to make sure you give the best first impression:

1.    Dress appropriately

It’s undeniable that the first thing someone notices is the way you dress. And it’s better to overdress (shirt, tie, etc) rather than underdress (jeans and casual t-shirt) only to find the other party in full corporate attire.

2.    Be on time

Too many people do not realise the power of being on time. Showing up on time, or even before the promised time shows that you are committed and that you respect the other party’s valuable time to meet you.

3.    Focus on how awesome they are – not on how awesome you are

Don’t dominate the talk  with details about your company and your products. Instead, get to know their company, their needs, and the things they want to address.

4.    Listen attentively, respond accordingly

Listen to what they have to say and respond based on their requests, not on your scripted business speech. Take notes, literally with a pen and paper, about what they are saying.

5.    Research, research, research!

Get to know your client’s company beforehand. Stalk their website, read their blog, scroll through their social media. It shows that you are prepared and ready.

6.    Exchange business cards after the meeting, not before

At the end of the meeting, give your card to the client as a hint. They will almost instinctively exchange theirs.

Do you have more tips to make the best first impressions? Share in the comment section below.