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Thank You for Sharing Your Success with Us in 2013!

Christmas from blueVisions and IM

blueVisions and the Institute of Management wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable festive season and a prosperous New Year.

To help save the environment and continue in our support for the community, instead of printed cards we have made a $1,000 donation this Christmas to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Thank you for your continued
support and we hope that you are excited as much as we are about 2014.

BRI goes on Singapore Adventure 2013 with blueVisions Indonesia

(ANTARA/Ardika/&)From 27-29 November 2013, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) entrusted blueVisions Indonesia to organise a Singapore Adventure event for their 32 employees who received a 2013 Best Service Excellence Award.

This event aimed to give the participants further information on the implementation of best quality practice in Singapore, learning from a world-class service provider such as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore.

The three-day event included an Amazing Race program, a trip to Universal Studios Singapore, and a benchmarking visit to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore.

BRI Customer Service employee, Bima Ari Wijaya commented on their visit to LTA that it was very beneficial in educating them about how the transportation system is implemented in Singapore and how it can be used in Indonesia.

The event was well received by BRI employees. BRI Security Officer Muldiyanto said that he would never have thought of going on such a tour to Singapore, and that it was a wonderful experience for him. His message for blueVisions was to keep up the good work that has been done.

`caption id=”attachment_419″ align=”alignnone” width=”865″`BRI employees at Singapore Adventure 2013 BRI employees at Singapore Adventure 2013`/caption`

blueVisions Indonesia Sponsors EUPHORIA 2013 with BINUS University

On December 13 2013, blueVisions Indonesia together with BINUS University celebrated the end of the educational semester by taking part in EUPHORIA (Enhancing Unity and Performance HIMTI Alam Sutera) 2013.

EUPHORIA 2013 took place at the Rooftop Sky Garden Mall Living World Alam Sutera. The event was organised by the BINUS University Engineering Students Association and was attended by approximately 500 people, including the general public and IT students and teachers from BINUS University.

`caption id=”attachment_412″ align=”alignnone” width=”1024″`blueVisions Indonesia team at EUPHORIA 2013 event. blueVisions Indonesia team at EUPHORIA 2013 event.`/caption`

5 ‘Year-End’ Review Questions to Prepare You for 2014

Most of us use the New Year as a time to try new things or to start over. However, before we kiss 2013 goodbye, assessing where we stand at the moment will better equip us to face 2014.

Here are five questions to ask yourself in preparation for the brand new year.

2014 goals

1.    What have you accomplished this year?

It’s easy to be blinded by fear that we are doing meaningless work. To avoid that, write down every accomplishment, every little success you have made in the past year. Did you take a leap of faith for that new job? Are you becoming a better partner? Are you the one who closes that project deal?

2.    Are you where you want to be?

Now is the best time to take out that long forgotten 2013 New Year’s Resolution list. Are you able to cross off a few things? Are you heading into the right direction to achieve your dreams? Or did you get sidetracked doing something else?

3.    Are you happy?

Happiness is a tricky question but if you don’t love your work, or don’t even have an ounce of passion for it, maybe it’s time to think twice and to venture into other options.

4.    What did you fail to accomplish?

We ought to assess our mistakes and learn from them instead of burying them in the land of no return. What makes you fail? Are there better ways to achieve your dreams? What should you do to make sure these situations don’t happen again?

5.    What are your goals for 2014?

Some of the goals might not get crossed off this year. They may also be setting up higher challenges for you to move to the next level. Think of attainable goals and how they might serve you well in five/ten years to come.

Are you ready to close this year’s chapter? Share your stories on the comment section below!

Public Course Calendar UAE – Competency Based Training

Competency-Based Training (CBT), part of the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) system designed to improve the skill levels of the Australian workforce. blueVisions and the Australian based Institute of Management welcomes you to participate in our public course offering. Download public course calendar in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) here.

EDM UAE public courses






Human Resources Management

4 Days

6.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi February 24th ‐ 27th
*limited places remaining
May 19th ‐ 22nd
October 19th ‐ 22nd
Train the Trainer

3 Days

4.500 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi March 11th ‐ 13th
June 17th ‐ 19th
September 23rd ‐ 25th
Training Needs Analysis

3 Days

4.500 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi March 4th ‐ 6th
July 15th ‐ 17th
December 7th ‐ 9th
Coaching and Mentoring

3 Days

4.500 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi May 13th ‐ 15th
August 3rd – 5th
Conflict Management

2 Days

3.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi April 6th ‐ 7th
September 10th ‐ 11th
Talent Management & Succession Planning

3 Days

4.500 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi April 27th ‐ 29th
November 26th ‐ 28th
Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner

5 Days

9.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi January 19th ‐ 23rd
May 18th ‐ 22nd
October 19th ‐ 23rd
Primavera P6

3 Days

4.500 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi February 9th ‐ 11th
*limited places remaining
September 9th ‐ 11th
December 7th ‐ 9th
Project Management Professional (PMP) Examination Preparation

4 Days

4.500 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi January 20th ‐23rd
*limited places remaining
April 6th ‐ 9th
September 21st ‐24th
Strategic Planning, Goal Setting and Decision Making

3 Days

4.500 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi February 4th ‐ 6th
August 19th ‐ 21st
Managing Teams and Work Behaviours

2 Days

3.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi June 15th ‐ 16th
December 3rd ‐ 4th
Emotional Intelligence

2 Days

3.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi June 4th ‐ 5th
October 9th ‐ 10th
Presentation Skills

2 Days

3.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi April 14th ‐15th
August 18th ‐ 19th
December 10th ‐ 11th
Effective Office Administration

2 Days

3.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi April 2nd ‐ 3rd
August 10th- 11th
November 19th – 20th
Corporate Risk Management

2 Days

3.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi May 11th ‐ 12th
November 12th – 13th
Contracts Management Fundamentals

3 Days

4.500 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi June 8th ‐ 10th
October 14th ‐ 16th
Microsoft Office – Advanced Word

2 Days

2.100 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi January 8th ‐ 9th
*limited places remaining
May 6th ‐ 7th
August 17th – 18th
Microsoft Office – Advanced Power Point

2 Days

2.100 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi February 12th – 13th
*limited places remaining
June 25th – 26th
October 21st – 22nd
Microsoft Office – Advanced Excel

2 Days

2.100 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi April 7th – 8th
July 28th – 29th
December 15th – 16th
Microsoft Office – Advanced Outlook

2 Days

2.100 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi March 4th – 5th
September 19th – 20th
World Wide English

2 Months

10.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi Feb 2nd – April 2nd
April 3rd – June 3rd
June 5th – August 5th
August 7th – October 7th
October 9th -December 9th

For more information about the courses, please call us at +971 4 452 3399 or email us at

Improving Student Performance and Outcomes at GURUKU Education Festival 2013

On November 25th 2013, Indonesia celebrated National Teachers’ Day where we acknowledge the support and dedication of our teachers to education. blueVisions Management Indonesia took part in the GURUKU Education Festival in Jakarta to commemorate this day.

`caption id=”attachment_368″ align=”alignnone” width=”800″`NSW AMES Director Client Relations Diane Robinson with blueVisions Management at GURUKU Education Festival 2013 NSW AMES Director, Client Relations Diane Robinson with blueVisions Management at GURUKU Education Festival 2013`/caption`

The GURUKU Education Festival 2013 took place at the SMESCO Tower, South Jakarta, and brought together education experts from all over the world to talk about developing the professionalism and quality of teachers to provide better learning systems for our students. The program emphasised how Indonesia can learn from other countries to continually improve and update its education system.

Among the series of speakers, Dianne Robinson, Director, Client Relations at New South Wales AMES, in collaboration with blueVisions Management, spoke about how education is conducted in Australia and the practices implemented there to improve student performance and outcomes.

“I was delighted to be invited to speak at the GURUKU Education Festival about some of the key changes being implemented in NSW,” Robinson said.

“It was an excellent event where ideas and initiatives were discussed by those attending. The conference program was of interest to school principals and teachers and the program covered key initiatives in the Indonesian education system. The exhibition was a great addition to the conference and encouraged dialogue and discussion. It also gave many delegates the opportunity to look at new offerings.”

Included among other speakers were: Gaye Pullyn, General Manager of ACT Education Solutions Ltd, Australia, Arifin Tasrif, President Director of PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja, and Prof. Dr. Hein Roelfsema, Director of the Utrech Center of Entrepreneurship at Utrech University.

The two-day festival hosted a series of presentations and workshops and was attended by approximately 500 Indonesian teachers.

5 Tips for Giving Effective Feedback to Your Employees

Let’s face it: it’s hard receiving negative feedback, but it’s equally hard being the one giving it.

As a manager, you notice that one or some of your employees is not performing well. However, you might be reluctant to offer honest feedback as you fear offending them, which will downgrade their performance even more. You also want to avoid straining your relationship with them at all costs. Nevertheless, you need them to change, so delivering that feedback is the right thing to do.

It turns out that there are good and bad ways of giving feedback to your employees. Here are five tips for doing it the right way.

giving feedback

1.    Use AND instead of BUT

Bill Gross, Founder and CEO of Idealab, writes on LinkedIn that one of the most important keys for delivering feedback is to use AND instead of BUT. This means when voicing your concerns, don’t say, “You are on track with this project, BUT your performance…” as they may get defensive, paranoid or become overwhelmed with anxiety which does not help them to improve their performance.

Instead, use AND. Saying “You are on track with this project, AND discussing the next steps with your seniors will improve the outcomes exponentially,” works better.

2.    Be prompt

When an employee makes a mistake, don’t wait until the next quarter performance review to point it out. Immediately settle the issue at hand while the situation is still fresh in your mind.

3.    Focus on the issue, not the person

If the issue is punctuality, specifically talk about that, not about how lazy your employee is or how he/she has no respect for a higher authority. That’s not the case. The issue is simply punctuality.

4.    Give positive reviews

Your employees makes mistakes but chances are, they have done many great things too. Don’t only give negative feedback and demands for change. Highlight their strengths and accomplishments as well so they know that you are a mentor who wants to help them grow and exceed their potentials.

5.    Listen and work on solutions together

Delivering feedback might be necessary, but it is more important to listen to what your employees have to say and work on solutions together. Simply pointing out the problem is not going to solve it, but working on solutions will help.

The most important thing when giving feedback is to assure your employees that you are not there to judge him, rather to help them. Once they know that you are there because you genuinely care about them, they will be more open to what you have to say.

We at blueVisions Management and the Institute of Management provide practical courses to help you and your business grow. For more information about our courses, please visit our website.

It’s December. Time for Annual Performance Reviews?

Everyone fears the unknown, dislikes criticism, and is reluctant to change. That’s why performance reviews can become living nightmares for some people.

However, employee performance reviews are crucial for both the employer and employee to move to the next level.

Here are some tips for making the most of annual performance reviews.

performance review tips

7 tips for more effective employee performance reviews

1.    Be prepared

It’s time to locate your previous review and your KPI files. Both you and your manager need a starting point and these documents will be crucial in determining your current performance and your future goals.

2.    Make a list of your accomplishments, in addition to pointing out the areas where you need help

You might think your manager knows every single detail of what you’re doing but the truth is he might have twenty other employees to manage and your accomplishments can get mixed up with theirs. You also need to assess the areas which you want to improve.

3.    Be open, not defensive

When facing criticism, listen to whatever your manager has to say to you first. Let the words sink in and digest them thoroughly before offering any explanation. Apologise for the drawback if you have to and discuss for solutions together.

4.    Focus on the problem, not the person

If you are the manager conducting the review, always remember to focus on the issues or the performance itself, not the person. If you are the employee, remember that you are not your work, and just because you make mistakes doesn’t mean you are a failure.

5.    Be honest

It’s so easy to cross the line from relating your accomplishments to bluffing about your success, as well as sugarcoating a negative situation to cover your mistakes. However, you will not get anything out of this, nor will your employer. Honesty is the key for future improvement.

6.    Set SMART goals

Performance reviews don’t only focus on the past, they also set the scene for the future. Be sure to ask your manager about his expectations for your work, as well as giving your own input on what you want to achieve next year. Set goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

7.    Discuss non-performance issues

Non-performance issues such as work attitude, relationships with other colleagues and company culture are important factors to ensure performance effectiveness. Are you getting enough support from your colleagues? Are you passionate about the work you are doing? Do you feel empowered? If the answer is no, does your boss know about this?


When it comes to the day of the review, don’t fret. Attend with the mindset of improving yourself and exceeding your potential. Remember, this review isn’t set up to make you fail. Rather, it’s there to help you achieve your goals.

We at blueVisions Management and the Institute of Management provide practical courses to help you and your business grow. For more information about our courses, please visit our website.