5 ‘Year-End’ Review Questions to Prepare You for 2014

Most of us use the New Year as a time to try new things or to start over. However, before we kiss 2013 goodbye, assessing where we stand at the moment will better equip us to face 2014.

Here are five questions to ask yourself in preparation for the brand new year.

2014 goals

1.    What have you accomplished this year?

It’s easy to be blinded by fear that we are doing meaningless work. To avoid that, write down every accomplishment, every little success you have made in the past year. Did you take a leap of faith for that new job? Are you becoming a better partner? Are you the one who closes that project deal?

2.    Are you where you want to be?

Now is the best time to take out that long forgotten 2013 New Year’s Resolution list. Are you able to cross off a few things? Are you heading into the right direction to achieve your dreams? Or did you get sidetracked doing something else?

3.    Are you happy?

Happiness is a tricky question but if you don’t love your work, or don’t even have an ounce of passion for it, maybe it’s time to think twice and to venture into other options.

4.    What did you fail to accomplish?

We ought to assess our mistakes and learn from them instead of burying them in the land of no return. What makes you fail? Are there better ways to achieve your dreams? What should you do to make sure these situations don’t happen again?

5.    What are your goals for 2014?

Some of the goals might not get crossed off this year. They may also be setting up higher challenges for you to move to the next level. Think of attainable goals and how they might serve you well in five/ten years to come.

Are you ready to close this year’s chapter? Share your stories on the comment section below!