4 Practical Ways to Improve Your English Skills

For many non-English background speakers, communicating in English (whether in the form of listening, reading, writing, or speaking) can be quite a challenge. And yet, in this growing global era, English has become the universal language that you need to  master in order  to move to the next level.

Managerial positions now require the applicants to be fluent  in both their native language and the English language. Even fresh graduate entry roles require sufficient English skills to apply!

4 practical ways to improve English

So here are some practical ways to hone your English language skills, no matter what level you are at now:

1.    Watch your favourite Hollywood movies without subtitles

Try watching your favourite Hollywood movies again, but this time, without the subtitles. It takes practice to make our ears accustomed to listening to English conversations, but the more you  are exposed to them,   the quicker your listening muscles will be developed.

2.    Forget translated books, start reading in English

Pick a book that is suitable for your own reading pace. If you feel that  taking a Harry Potter novel is too daunting, grab another one. Start reading online news, articles, or blogs in English.

3.    Write 300 words daily

Noted, writing is not everyone’s forte but in order to survive the emails and reports, writing in English has become a major requirement.

The quickest way to master the art of writing in English is to write every day, consistently. Note that the keyword here is to be consistent in your writing, which means don’t write 10,000 words in one day and take a break for a week and start writing again.

4.    Speak English often. Still self-conscious? Speak even more!

Approach those native English speakers and communicate with them. Make a pact with your friend to have ‘English-only’ time. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and most importantly, don’t be self-conscious in your learning.

Practice makes perfect

You’ve done everything, so now what? Clichéd as it sounds, practice does make perfect. The more you practice in listening, reading, writing, and speaking in English, the quicker you will master the language.