Starting 2014 The Right Way

It’s been days since the New Year and the initial hype of celebration has died down. Christmas decorations have disappeared and work certainly replaces our holiday mood early, demanding attention once more.

Before you are drawn into a series of deadlines, however, it’s best to first write down your New Year’s resolutions, or the goals you have for your career in the next year or two. This time, however, instead noting down, “Get a raise,” or “Break my bonus record,” let’s try things differently.

Let’s start by defining your ideal outcomes.

Begin with the ideal end

The best leaders always have this one thing: vision. People with vision create opportunities, and to create this vision, the first thing we need to do is to begin with the ideal end in mind.

Ideally, what results would you create for your organisation? Are there specific outcomes you want for your customers and your business? What would make you feel incredibly successful and fulfilled in your career?

Let’s begin by filling in table below:

Stakeholder Desired Results
Your customers My customers come back again to use our services.My customers tell their friends and families about their experience using our products.
Your organisation My organisation achieves $X profit.
Your manager A good relationship with my manager, being able to trust each other and create bigger goals together.
Your staff My staff exceed my expectations and empower them to improve each time.
Your colleagues We achieve a great number of sales and projects together.
You Get a raise.Improve my skills not only in sales but also in management.

Table 1. Example of your ideal outcomes

Now fast forward to the end of 2014 and imagine you have ticked all the boxes for these results to happen. How would you feel? Would you feel happy? Inspired? Excited?

Remember those feelings, and now with your desired results in place, write the specific steps you need to achieve each of them. For example, in order to have your customers come back to use your products and services again, you must exceed their expectations. This means going the extra mile and delivering outcomes before the deadline.

Let’s start 2014 with a smile on our face and inspiration in our head!