3 Leadership Tips Every Leader Must Know

There is a lot of emphasis on good leadership nowadays and we are never short of tips to take our leadership to the next level. A good leader knows how to take responsibility while at the same time empower their employees. He knows where he wants to take his people to in five years’ time.

Here are three other leadership tips less known, and yet very important to note.

leadership tips

1.     Help others

While it might be obvious that a leader or a manager’s job is to get as much profit as possible, it might be less obvious for a leader to actually help others, especially their own employees.

A leader who genuinely helps his team to grow and explore their potentials – not just for the benefit of the company but also for their own personal benefits – is more likely to create a strong, professional working environment.

2.     Don’t only learn from your mistakes, let others learn from them too

Even the greatest leaders make mistakes. Sharing your victories may motivate your employees to achieve higher standards but sharing your mistakes will also make them learn. Many leaders think that sharing their mistakes will make them look weak. On the contrary, employees who know that their leaders are not ashamed to admit and learn from their mistakes are more likely to do the exact same thing themselves.

3.     Correct them in person, praise them in public

When giving criticism, a good leader knows not to embarrass their employees. Yes, you might not think that way when you are correcting them in the middle of a meeting, but he might be feeling that you are attacking him. If he feels threatened, his productivity will decrease as well.

Praise, however, works in the opposite way. If someone does a good job, praise them in public as it will build their self-confidence and sense of belonging. Make a point that you value him and his contribution to the company.

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