5 Characteristics of a Great Project Manager

The role of a project manager is crucial to the success of the project. A project manager does not only manage the budget, timeline and things to do, he also manages the team morale and delegates the workload.

Without a strong sense of leadership, a project manager may be qualified in terms of skills but he might not be able to settle conflicts that arise among his team members.

characteristics of great project manager

To ensure project effectiveness, here are 5 key qualities that a project manager should have.

1.     Bringing out the best of people

Project managers know instinctively as leaders that they can’t do everything on their own. They need their team members to tackle different kinds of work according to each person’s expertise to ensure success on the project.

Every day when they go to work, project managers should ask themselves, “How can I make my team members to perform better on this project today?” Whether it is to give guidance, provide resources or resolve conflicts, they are always striving to make sure their employees work their best.

2.     Experience

The more projects a project manager have handled, the more one knows about how to best approach a certain matter. A project manager who is highly experienced and knows what to do would be looked up to.

3.     Passion

No one wants to work for someone who is just doing what the clients ask or what the big bosses ask. That’s why passion is an important quality that a project manager should have. A great project manager is eager to ace a project instead of doing the bare minimum, and constantly shows his enthusiasm in doing the project.

4.     Management skills

Project managers who lack management skills will find it hard to get trust from their employees. If they can’t listen to complaints, provide solutions, give feedback, praise an accomplishment, resolve conflicts and build the team’s morale, it will be hard for the team members to work together on the project.

5.     Responsible

As followers, we want our leaders to have our back when things go wrong. We want a project manager who can lead us, show us the direction and achieve success together. And yet we also want the reassurance that our project manager will not just leave us in chaos when things get tough.

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