How to Deal with Disruptive Employees during Meetings

Do you have an employee whose actions are just disruptive to the team?

Imagine that you are holding a meeting and he is really disrespectful to the people presenting at the front. At first, you might try to ignore him, thinking that perhaps he is just having a bad day and soon enough he will be behaving as a professional once again. But as the meeting progresses, so does his disruptive behaviour.

disruptive behaviour in meeting

As a leader, how should you handle the situation? Do you confront the person in front of everyone? Do you act as if nothing happens?

While working in a corporate setting, we will always deal with different types of people and conflicts may happen. To handle the situation professionally, here are some intervention stages for dealing with disruptive behaviour.

intervention for disruptive behaviours in meetings

At first, you might want to try to ignore the person. If ignoring does not work, raising/lowering your voice might give him the signal that he is behaving inappropriately. If that still does not work, go up another level until you reach the level of confronting.

Most people know that they are doing something wrong when the atmosphere in the room changes. However, for those people who might need extra attention, talking privately during breaks might be necessary to ensure that the meeting still goes on successfully.

Remember that the most important thing in this intervention is the fact that it is a professional setting and that the remarks you are giving him are business and not personal. Ensure that you are not humiliating your employees in public or scolding them in front of their colleagues.

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