What Do Employers Look for When They are Hiring?

When it comes to finding the perfect person for the job, it’s going to be tough. There will not be one exact person that can tick all the boxes.

That said, the key qualities that employers look for when they are hiring are similar over time. No matter the industry a person is in, odds are the employers want a person who is professional, committed, and has the initiative to work without constant supervision.

Apart from technical skills and expertise, here are four key qualities employers look for when they are hiring.

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1.     Professionalism

When a candidate walks into that interview room, prospective employers will start to draw on some crucial first impressions of what kind of person he is. Is he confident? Does he know what the company really is and what job he is applying for? Has he conducted his research beforehand? These seemingly common skills may tell a lot more about how professional a person is.

2.     Initiative

While leaders strive to empower their employees to make decisions for themselves without needing their managers on their back for 24/7, it will not work if the employee doesn’t show any kind of initiative.

3.     Personality that fits the company culture

Having the right sets of expertise is not enough – employers are also always on the lookout for people with the right personality. Working requires the employees to work together in a team and if the person’s personality doesn’t really fit with the company, even with the right skills it’s going to be hard to foster good teamwork.

4.     Passion

Are they passionate about the work they are doing? Passion fuels most of our work and employers would like to know if the people they hire will work hard and take pride on what they are doing.

Many job seekers strive to show their skills and achievements in an interview. However, showing key qualities mentioned above to their future employers will give them an advantage in scoring the job.

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