The 10 Commandments of Customer Service

From honesty to effective business handling, here are the top ten keys to excellent customer service:

10 commandments of customer service

  1. Value: Always offer something of value towards your customers. If they are looking for A, give information for A instead of insisting that they should buy B, C, D, and E. If you don’t have A in stock, tell the truth. Don’t waste your customers’ time. Or better yet, tell them where they can get a similar product/service from. Your customers will value your genuine will to help.
  2. Time is money: Your customers can be very busy people. Ask them specifically of what they want and give several best options that can cater their needs to save time for both you and your customers.
  3. Practice what you preach: If you have promised a customer that you will give extra three pillows because they have bought a bed mattress, give them the pillows. Always deliver what you promise.
  4. Don’t overpromise: That said, you should think carefully before you make promises to your customers. If you fail to deliver your promises, you may lose some important clients.
  5. Mistake: If you are making a mistake, admit it and make suggestions on how the situation can be improved. Most often your customer will understand and give you a second chance.
  6. Complain: Handle complaints professionally. If your client emails a complaint, reply as soon as possible. If your customers complain through social media, respond promptly. Don’t underestimate what one angry customer can do to your business.
  7. Ask for feedback: But don’t just ask for feedback for formality. Really listen to what your customers are saying. If several people are saying the same thing, it may be time to take action.
  8. Employee’s training: Customers come to you to learn more and to get more information about your products and services. If they meet an employee who is not knowledgeable in the area, they will doubt your reputation and be reluctant to do business with you.
  9. Always try to give solution: There’s a difference in saying, “We can’t help you with this project,” and “We are currently not offering this project, however, there are several other similar projects which you can browse through to see if you are interested.”
  10. Make it easy to do business with you: Give clear information on what will they get if they do business with you. Make the refund process easy. Bottom-line, don’t make your customers feel frustrated to do business with you.

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