blueVisions Helped Raise Funds to Build an Orphanage in Kenya

bluevisions kenya orphanageblueVisions Management helped raise funds for the St. Jerome Centre, which is named after the patron saint of orphans and abandoned children, and is an orphanage just outside Nakuru, Kenya. It is currently home to 20 children between the ages of 5 and 15 years.

In particular, we are supporting Marcus O’Connell, a Dubai based architectural graduate, who has taken a year’s sabbatical to work with a group of young volunteers that belong to Orkidstudio, a non-profit humanitarian design organisation, whose focus is to benefit young people and communities worldwide through innovative and sustainable architecture, art and design. Marcus and the team aim to design, construct and gift a new orphanage in summer 2014, that will enable the continued growth and development of this organization and provide a safe and inspiring home for the children.