The Importance of Company Culture to Excellent Customer Service

During the past month we have talked a lot about what constitutes excellent customer service. We have given some tips on how to improve customer service in businesses. However, improving customer service is not only about changing external behaviours.

While giving positive body language, becoming better at handling complaints and being knowledgeable at the products and services offered improve customer service, they may not give the crucial effect if they are not based on a strong company culture. The mission, vision and culture of a company build the foundation of having excellent customer service.

company culture

What is company culture?

Every company is different. One company may have a vision to become the best in their field. Others have a vision to empower their clients instead. Knowing what each company strives for influences the type of customer service it gives. In short, a company culture makes the brand.

What comes to your mind when you think of Disney? What do you think when you hear about Google? These two companies have very different cultures and thus, different branding as well, which translates to different ways of handling customer service. One is not better than the other, although they do attract different kinds of customers.

For example, Disney emphasises on the emotional side of their customers, while Google puts more weight on making their customers’ lives better by advancement in technology. Disney talks about emotion; Google talks about practicality.

Why is company culture important?

By building one’s company culture, the things that are valued will be shown in how the employees handle their customers. If a company culture values time, excellent customer service in that company will include being timely towards their customers. If a company culture values making profit, that quality will also show in the employees’ interaction with their customers.

Thus, it is important for each company to know their own culture as it determines what kind of customer service they give.

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