Managing Quality Customer Service: How Real Change Can be Implemented

While everyone can do good customer service, not everyone in the company can implement quality customer service which is up to the standards agreed by the company. Here are some points to keep in mind to take your company’s quality customer service to the next level:

turning down a customer

1.     Create and update your organisational standards

We would like to assume that everyone in the company will deliver the best customer service. However, one day we may find out the hard way that the employees fall short of our expectation. To minimise this, every company should create the organisational standard of the steps required to achieve quality customer service.

Should a receptionist pick up the phone by the third ring? Should your employees be using certain words to market the products and services? Although this may sound simple, standardised policies can go a long way.

2.     Develop and use strategies to obtain customer feedback

While a lot of businesses have put emphasis on getting feedback, not many actually put weight into the feedback that is being given. Build a plan on how to improve the provision of your products and services.

How will you ask for feedback? Will verbal communication be enough? Or will you want a written feedback from your customers? Is there any way to do this via the internet?

What will you do once you get your feedback? Do you need to pass them to the HR department? Do you just file them and forget about them? Do you escalate the complaints and problems to your manager?

3.     Build a good management system

Good quality customer service needs a good management system. It is important to manage records and recommendations within the company’s systems and processes accordingly. This way, things will not be lost in translation.

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