3 Ways to Improve Your Influencing Skills

Influencing people is not about telling people what to do, nor is it about forcing them to do something. Instead, influencing is about affecting people to “operate according to our own guidance without any direct or apparent effort”.

In other words, influencing skills will help you to get people to be more likely to do what you want, of their own accord – whether it be more sales or to get your staff working the way you want.

Here are 3 ways to improve your influencing skills.

influencing tips

1.    Listening is important, but so is acknowledging.

By now you already know that listening is an important skill to have – whether it be in negotiating or leading. To become an influencer, acknowledging what the other party is saying is crucial. People will be more willing to cooperate if they feel understood, appreciated and acknowledged.

Show to them that you understand what they are going through. Acknowledge their opinions. The closer you are to them, the better you know them, and more likely it is for them to be influenced by you.

2.    Real influence comes from the inside.

To influence successfully, you need to actually know the people you want to influence. The better you know them, the higher your influence is towards them.

For example, if you are a manager, get to know your employees better. Get to know their interests and what motivates them. Find a common ground, set a common goal. By knowing each other’s values in personal basis, you will create a great influence on them.

3.    Develop credibility.

One of the most important things that an influencer can have is their reputation. Do you have the reputation of being likeable? How about being credible? People are more likely to be positively influenced by those who have credibility. This means, your influence needs to be built over time, rather than instantaneously.

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