6 Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment process is one of the most important aspects in Human Resources management of a company that, if not done right, can do some very serious damage to company performance. It is no longer about hiring someone who can do the job, but about finding the right piece of puzzle to complete the company. Wrong hiring decisions can lead to high turnover rate and in return, loss to the company. Companies can often be rushing just to find someone who can simply do the job, but keep in mind that in this case, patience can really be the highest virtue.

To ensure good recruiting process, here are 6 tips to remember:


1.     Get the most out of social media

Who says social media is just mere entertainment? In this era, social media sites like LinkedIn can be the most useful social media tools for hiring the right candidates. Job seekers are constantly building their network and profiles so that potential employers can find them.

2.     Don’t discredit the referees

While references section in a resume may exist simply because of formality, checking up on those references to get to know your prospective employees past work performance may just be the best thing for you to do. It may even make or break the decision.

3.     Look for character, not just skills and qualifications

Skills can be taught, qualifications can be gained, but character is hard to mould. Always search for a candidate who has good character. Even if their skills are not as great as the candidate next door, remember, it’s easier to build skills rather than good character.

4.     Take into account their ‘online identity’

We don’t have a shortage of cases where employees use their personal social media accounts to do acts that may defame their companies. When everything is now an open book, it is better to Google them and look at their online identities before you make the call.

5.     Be open about your company culture

An employee will strive to bring out his best in an environment where they feel most at home. If he or she is not a great fit towards the culture that the company has, it may be true that he or she will have trouble fitting in. Asking a candidate to meet with existing employees is also important to see if they are all on the same wave length.

6.     Don’t settle

It’s harder to let go and start the hiring process all over again rather than to settle for what’s in front of you. If your gut feeling tells you that it isn’t right, it probably isn’t. Be open-minded and be flexible. Don’t settle for a candidate just because you have a desk to fill.

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