Is Investing on Your Employees Worth It?

Top talents help businesses grow. While managers and leaders in a company are sometimes hesitant to invest in their employees in fear of them moving on to another company, here is a more profound question: What if you choose to not invest on them, and they stay?

investing on employee

Investing on your employees

While employers might only do the bare minimum – making sure employees give their best effort for the job and meeting their deadlines, it is important to note that doing further investing in your employees will yield greater results to the company. Perhaps it’s time to make true the sentence of, “Our people are our greatest asset.”

Here are three ways to invest in your employees:

1.    Build their skills

In recruitment, better character can be more valuable than higher skill-set. Skills can be built, but character is a sensitive and personal area which is harder to change. Mentor them; make them learn new things and constantly feel challenged at work.

2.    Give responsibility

Give responsibility to your employees, and they might surprise you. Trusting them with a responsibility is an act of empowering your employees. However, this does not mean that you are letting them ‘do whatever they want’. Guidance still needs to be given until they are perfectly confident to move to the next level.

3.    Establish checkpoints

Those regular feedbacks and reviews are important. Hold your employees accountable, and at the same time hold yourself accountable to them. Spend time with your employees to determine which things work and which don’t. Look at their strengths and weaknesses and focus on the things they could improve on. Enrol them to training programs regularly so they keep developing professionally.

Planning periodical team building activities can also be of great help to maintain team bonding. If the employees’ don’t get along well or know each other well enough, top leaders in the company may need to spend more time, money, and energy due to internal conflicts and high turnover rates.

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