How to Manage Culture Clash at Work

Living in this globalised world means wherever you work, you may be faced with colleagues or managers with different cultures than yours. While these differences in culture encourage diversity, which may lead to being able to generate better ideas, more creative suggestions and so on, they can also lead into culture clash in workplace.

A company whose employees are not getting along with each other is not healthy. Thus, a culture clash can turn into a costly problem.

Here are some ways to avoid culture clash at work:

culture clash

1.    Respect each other

While different cultures may prevent us from liking each other, it should not be stopping people to lose respect with each other. In the workplace, respect and trust go a long way, and respecting your Western manager or Asian colleague even when they have different habits, religions or work habits is the key to avoid culture clash.

2.    Encourage open communication

Working with different people from different countries may not be enjoyable at first, as the old saying say, the birds of a feather flock together. However, this should not be a barrier for you to not communicate with each other. Even very different cultures have some common grounds. Talk to each other and find out your similar interests – perhaps in music, movies or food. This will make you be more collaborative in working together as a team as well.

3.    Compromise

While you can’t get everything you want – you can learn to compromise. If both parties insist on doing things their ways, job performance may suffer and this may lead to job dissatisfaction as well, which is very costly to both the individuals and the company. Connecting and compromising with each other may create the foundation and the understanding that they need not strangle each other over cultural differences.

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