What Really Motivates Employees?

It is no secret that motivated and thriving employees are the key to an organisation’s success. Given that they are equally qualified, one passionate worker can secure more clients than three unmotivated ones.

motivating employees

Knowing this, it should be one of the company’s priorities to motivate their own employees. Contrary to popular belief, monetary compensation is not the best motivator, although it does significantly affect an employee’s level of motivation. While low compensation leads to job dissatisfaction, using money as a drive may prevent the person’s ability to provide return of investment. The same thing goes with motivating employees through the fear of losing their jobs. This fear will create stress and hinder their creativity in doing their projects.

Here are three things that really motivate your employees to go the extramile:

1.    Connect their job description with a sense of purpose

Rewards in monetary or even praise may go dry, but when an employee’s vision is aligned with the company’s, it will act as the perfect fuel to keep the level of motivation high. The joy they feel in creating new things, overcoming challenges or helping their clients go a long way. In short, don’t just tell them ‘what’ to do, but explain ‘why’ they are doing this in the first place.

2.    Really care about your employees – including their future career paths

Listen to your employees’ complaints and suggestions. Don’t overwork them. Be considerate of their illness, family problems or other commitments. Provide interest in developing success for their future careers, even when their future is not with your company – the right people will stay.

3.    Treat your employees the way you would like to be treated

This means giving positive feedback when they are doing things right, respecting your employees as individuals and not work machines and believing in them even when they mess things up – mistakes happen but most employees lose their confidence after that first failure if their bosses are not considerate enough.

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