5 Interviewing Tips for Employers

Are you a part of the Human Resources Department that regularly recruits new employees? Are you a manager looking for more team members to join your department?

Wherever you are at your career, at some point you might have to interview people before recruiting. Here are some tips to make sure you get the best out of the interview session.

interviewing tips

1.    Be prepared

Being an interviewer does not mean you can just wing it and go ahead without any preparation. Especially if you have to interview people on a regular basis – you might forget the position or the job description of the person you are interviewing at the moment.

Always make sure that you have read the CV of the candidate prior to the interview, and that you understand the key requirements of the role you are interviewing them for.

2.    Jot down your questions

You might have done it so many times and you may think that you will be able to improvise your questions as you go along. However, to make sure that the interview process is fair to all candidates, as well as to make your decision-making easier, plan your questions ahead of time and take them to the interview. Some of the best questions are open-ended ones, where the candidates can have the opportunity to explain themselves better.

3.    Conduct the interview in a round table

While you might not always have the opportunity to do so, conducting an interview using a rectangular table where you sit opposite each other may make the process feel intimidating, especially if you sit on a big padded director chair. Sitting around a circular table and positioning your seats at an angle make both parties look more relaxed and makes the process feel more like a discussion.

4.    Leave time for questions

Due to your busy schedule, you may forget to ask your interviewee if you have any questions. This is actually a very important step, because many candidates are shy to ask questions to their interviewer. Always leave time for questions just in case they have any further questions regarding the job offer.

5.    Most importantly, remember, you’re being interviewed too!

Interview is a two-way street. You need them as much as they need you. You are the face of the company, so dress smartly, be prepared and be approachable!

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