How to be an Effective Supervisor: 5 Important Skills

Have you just been promoted into a supervisory role? Are you a manager who needs to supervise many team members? Here are the five important skills you need to master:

supervising tips

1.    Delegation skills

Supervisors can’t do everything by themselves, and most importantly, effective supervisors know that they can’t do everything. Instead, they need to delegate.

Delegation itself is not an easy thing. A supervisor needs to transfer his or her decision-making authority to another employer who has the capabilities to do such task. However, he or she still has the ultimate responsibility over the work that has been delegated.

2.    Performance evaluation skills

An effective supervisor knows how to evaluate his or her employees. It is challenging, as it is hard to deliver constructive criticism, and even harder to deliver constructive criticism well. However, a good supervisor knows that performance evaluation is critical to the employees’ growth and job satisfaction.

3.    Training skills

Supervisors supervise; and when it is apparent that their employees need to upgrade their skills, supervisors need to be aware of this and conduct further trainings on a regular basis. This will in turn improve both the employees’ and company’s development in the long run.

4.    Decision making skills

Making a decision is hard; making a decision and bearing the consequences is even harder. A good supervisor needs to be able to weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for all parties.

5.    Time management skills

On top of supervising his or her employees, a supervisor also has a set of other deadlines and responsibilities that he or she needs to tend to. Therefore, being able to manage time wisely is a very important skill to have.

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