Learning English for Hospitality and Health Services

Are you second English language speakers who work in hospitality or health services? Are you planning to work in an international setting, or perhaps moving to an English-speaking country?

To help you gain confidence, we offer quality English courses tailored just for you.


English for health professionals

Learning conversational English is different from learning English for health practices. While we might get by with just knowing limited vocabularies, as health professionals there are a whole lot more specific phrases and industry terminologies we need to know in order to be able to communicate competently in the workplace.

For example, a doctor needs to know the standard medical questions asked to his or her patients, how to address medical diagnosis to a patient in a professional manner, etc. This level of English can get very technical.

English for hospitality

The same thing applies for those who work in the hospitality industry. Talking to your customers is different compared to talking in English with your friends, or even your manager. Also, keep in mind that Customer Service does not only involve speaking skills, but also knowing the appropriate techniques and procedures.

As communication is really important in fostering a good relationship between you and your customers, it is therefore crucial to use the appropriate style of language for Hospitality.

As not many services provide this kind of course, IM, in partnership with NSW AMES (The New South Wales Adult Migrant English Services), offers you the opportunity to widen your chances as professionals to work in international settings. Our courses are tailored specifically to meet your needs. You can choose between learning online, face-to-face, and even a combination of both.

To find out more about our English courses, please visit our website at http://im-english.edu.au/.