A Short and Simple Guide to Writing a Business Email

We send a lot of emails everyday. Sometimes it can be only a few, but on a busy day we can send up to 70 emails a day.

Or even more.

Email has now become such an important communication tool in business. As an average worker can get 30 emails per day, how do you make sure that yours is read? Especially if you are sending it to a very busy person…

Here is the guideline to help you write better emails.


1. Be brief

Imagine the things that are lost in translation when writing essay-long emails.

If you need to explain something, it’s better to be done via meeting or even Skype call.

Be as brief and concise as possible. Use action verbs. Put in bold or highlight keywords and action words.

2. Be specific

Telling your coworker, “I need a presentation set on topic A,” while polite, does not do the trick. Instead, be specific. Say:

“For the presentation next Friday, I will need:

1. A 10-slide presentation on topic A
2. 8 copies of printed handouts
3. The latest data from our research team.

Please submit before Wednesday the 2nd of July.”

3. Edit

Make sure your email is free of grammatical and spelling errors as they will make your email more difficult to read. Remove any ambiguous phrases or statements. Remember, your reply and email request’s quality really depends on the clarity of your writing.

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