Ultra Simple yet Important Business Writing Tips

We usually use English in writing emails and reports at work. We use English to talk to our multinational colleagues.

While being able to speak and write in English is essential, less emphasis has been put on English grammar, spelling and punctuation; although it is equally important as it shows our level of professionalism.

Here are some top writing tips and how you can implement them in emails and reports:


1. Use correct punctuation

It is important to put punctuation correctly as it will determine whether or not a piece of writing will be able to be read smoothly.

Click through for some popular examples.

2. Spelling

While you can be forgiven for using wrong verse tense, it’s more irritating to see a lot of spelling mistakes in a piece of writing.

Always make sure you double check what you write, and turn on the grammar and spell check on your Microsoft Word. Simply right click on the zigzag underlines to see how you can correct your mistake(s). If you are in doubt of the spelling of a certain word or how to use a certain grammar rule, it only takes five seconds to Google the answer.

3. Don’t use shortcut-words

The trend seen is that sometimes people like to shorten words, for example from you to ‘u’ or for to ‘4’. While it is acceptable in an informal chat setting, sometimes the habit is carried through and seen in business emails as well. This is rather unacceptable.

Our training division, the Institute of Management, provides practical English language courses to help you improve your skills. Check out our website for further information.