3 Ways to Improve Your Influencing Skills

Influencing people is not about telling people what to do, nor is it about forcing them to do something. Instead, influencing is about affecting people to “operate according to our own guidance without any direct or apparent effort”.

In other words, influencing skills will help you to get people to be more likely to do what you want, of their own accord – whether it be more sales or to get your staff working the way you want.

Here are 3 ways to improve your influencing skills.

1.    Listening is Read more

Is Investing on Your Employees Worth It?

Top talents help businesses grow. While managers and leaders in a company are sometimes hesitant to invest in their employees in fear of them moving on to another company, here is a more profound question: What if you choose to not invest on them, and they stay?

Investing on your employees

While employers might only do the bare minimum – making sure employees give their best effort for the job and meeting their deadlines, it is important to note that doing further investing in your employees will yield greater results … Read more

Using Social Media in Recruitment Process: How Far is Too Far?

Most companies do a search on their candidates on Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn before they decide whether or not they would hire them. However, where is the line to draw between the usual candidate screening and the violation of candidates’ privacy?

Here are some key things you need to remember when using social media in hiring process:

1.    Background checking is good – within a certain limit

Anything that is posted publicly by your candidates is a fair game. Checking their LinkedIn profiles, for example, is good, recommended even. … Read more

How to Fire an Employee the Right Way

When you need to let go of an employee in your company, it is never an easy task to do. Truth is, it doesn’t matter how many times you have done it, it will still be difficult to say to your co-worker or subordinate, “I’m sorry, but we have to let you go.”

And if it is not difficult enough, imagine what the other employees will think when one of their colleagues is let go: Will it be my turn to go next? What is happening? If this situation is … Read more

6 Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment process is one of the most important aspects in Human Resources management of a company that, if not done right, can do some very serious damage to company performance. It is no longer about hiring someone who can do the job, but about finding the right piece of puzzle to complete the company. Wrong hiring decisions can lead to high turnover rate and in return, loss to the company. Companies can often be rushing just to find someone who can simply do the job, but keep in mind that … Read more

Dealing With Conflicts at Work

Conflicts at work can take many forms: it may be two employees who are not getting along with each other, a worker filing complaints to his manager or an emerging rivalry between departments. While some conflicts may go away when given some time, at times they need to be dealt with immediately to be resolved.

Causes of conflicts

There are many causes of conflicts at work, some include:

  • Poor management
  • Unfair treatment
  • Bullying
  • Unclear job description
  • Lack of communication
  • Increase in workload
  • Different needs and expectations at work
  • Personality clashes
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How to Manage Culture Clash at Work

Living in this globalised world means wherever you work, you may be faced with colleagues or managers with different cultures than yours. While these differences in culture encourage diversity, which may lead to being able to generate better ideas, more creative suggestions and so on, they can also lead into culture clash in workplace.

A company whose employees are not getting along with each other is not healthy. Thus, a culture clash can turn into a costly problem.

Here are some ways to avoid culture clash at work:

1.    Respect Read more

What Really Motivates Employees?

It is no secret that motivated and thriving employees are the key to an organisation’s success. Given that they are equally qualified, one passionate worker can secure more clients than three unmotivated ones.

Knowing this, it should be one of the company’s priorities to motivate their own employees. Contrary to popular belief, monetary compensation is not the best motivator, although it does significantly affect an employee’s level of motivation. While low compensation leads to job dissatisfaction, using money as a drive may prevent the person’s ability to provide return of … Read more

How to Prevent Job Burnout

There will come a time in our career when we feel totally burnt out. We may lose our passion, or simply surrender by succumbing to the routines we’ve been doing for many years – or even decades for some people.

Experts have also stated that workplace burnout affects health. Therefore, it is important to be able to detect the symptoms early to be able to combat it.

Job burnout symptoms

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you started to not care about work anymore?
  • Do you find it difficult to
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Managing Quality Customer Service: How Real Change Can be Implemented

While everyone can do good customer service, not everyone in the company can implement quality customer service which is up to the standards agreed by the company. Here are some points to keep in mind to take your company’s quality customer service to the next level:

1.     Create and update your organisational standards

We would like to assume that everyone in the company will deliver the best customer service. However, one day we may find out the hard way that the employees fall short of our expectation. To minimise this, … Read more